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Our Name

Kollective366 is a professional classical orchestra, whose name proudly nods to Mozart’s opera ‘Idomeneo,’ otherwise known as K.366, the catalogue number assigned to it by Ludwig Köchel. Being the first stage work to fully unite all operatic styles of its day, we are inspired to cement its legacy in our orchestra’s name as we, too, aim to unite all styles, genres, eras, and instruments of western classical music.

Our Vision

Kollective366 seeks to serve as a cultural hub and meeting place where styles, genres, eras, and instruments of western classical music come together. We want to further the presence of classical music in our community and beyond, while demonstrating the unifying trait of human expression through music. 

Our Mission

Kollective366 will provide dynamic programming with historical considerations to performance practice, provide educational outreach and opportunities, and broaden its geographical reach as the years progress. We want our patrons to feel like they are a part of our family and that we are a staple in their community.

At Our Core

Classical era works are at the heart of our programming, serving as an expansion-point to later and earlier repertoire, smaller and larger works, and smaller and larger ensembles. With the variety of repertoire will also come a variety of interpretive approaches which will manifest in a fusion of historically informed performance practices and an exchange of ideas among principal players and the conductor. For the achievement of this artistic vision, the Kollective is committed to hand picking musicians who are both closely acquainted with the individual styles of earlier repertoire and are keen to explore brand new music of today’s established and emerging composers. 


As we establish ourselves as a new organization, we hope to:

  • Build a mutually enthusiastic relationship between our orchestra and our community

  • Create educational outreach and opportunities 

  • Provide relaxed post-concert receptions to get to know our patrons

  • Foster long-term relationships with audiences, supporters and donors for financial longevity

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